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Compression Shirt

  • $4299


Drug free solution for anxiety due to noise, travel and separation. Activates pressure points with four-way stretch.


Helps keep dog hair, dirt, dander & allergens out of your house and car.


Protects mild skin irritations, lacerations & hot spots on the back & torso of the body.

  • Lightweight, breathable fabric

  • Four-way stretch fabric provides just the right amount of pressure

  • Adjustable, custom fit

  • Acts as a cooling garment when wet

  • Machine washable

    1. Slip shirt over the head and front paws.

    2. Lengthen shirt along the back.

    3. Wrap the chest strap around the body and secure it to one of the velcro straps.

    4. Wrap neck strap and secure to velcro straps.

    *Consult a veterinarian before using for medical purposes.

    Not intended for permanent or long term use.

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