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Swheat Scoop Multicat Green

  • $2199

Better for cats, people and the planet.

With no chemicals and no clay, we are a no worries kind of cat litter. sWheat Scoop’s® natural wheat enzymes neutralize odor on contact, and its wheat starches clump firmly for easy scooping. Add in that it’s biodegradable, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sWheat litter for you and your furry friends.


Multi cat formula

Multiple cats meet multiple odor protection. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat litter not only eliminates odors but clumps fast. It’s great for high-traffic litter boxes that are frequently in use. Did we mention our product is flushable?

Introducing your cat to a new litter

Cats are creatures of habit, and can be apprehensive to change, especially when it comes to their litter box. The good news is that sWheat Scoop looks and feels like conventional litter, so the change can be smooth.

Here are some quick tips to follow when introducing your cat to the sWheat life:

• Fill the empty litter box with 3 inches of sWheat Scoop litter, and then pour one inch of the brand you’re currently using on the top.

• Allow your cat to freely mix the products when they are using the litter box.

• Repeat the process, but this time, only add a half inch of the other brand on top of the 3 inches of sWheat Scoop.

• During this transition, it’s important to note that you should not flush mixed products. We are 100% biodegradable, so only flush when you are using 100% sWheat Scoop.

Don’t rush your flush

Yes, sWheat Scoop is Certified Flushable.
Here’s the simple and sWheat 3-step process when flushing your litter:


Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing, so scoop litter clumps into the toilet but not so much that it overflows.


Let clumps sit for 20 minutes (this allows them to break up and become easier to move through your septic system).



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