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Rainforest Organic Cedar & Moss Cat Litter

Rainforest Organic Cedar & Moss Cat Litter

  • $1099

RAINFOREST'S unique CEDAR n' MOSS cat litter is a re-cycled material that is proving very popular amongst ecologically-minded cat owners seeking a natural alternative to expensive imported clay litters.

    Made in Canada from mill waste that would normally be destined for landfill disposal, our blend of cedar nuggets and peat moss offers some very distinct advantages including...

  • NATURAL FIBRE & AROMA with no added chemicals provides a soft highly-absorbent medium with fresh cedar giving a fresh "woody" scent that  helps mask litter pan urea odour 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT... Organic Cedar n' Moss weighs less that half that of clay litters, yet provides considerably more absorbency 
  • FLUSHABLE... Cedar n' Moss is wholly bio-degradable and also makes an excellent soil conditioner and garden mulch 
  • DUST FREE... Rainforest litter eliminates harmful silica dust from your pet's environment 
  • SUPERIOR ODOUR CONTROL... Aromatic cedar is a natural deodorizer eliminating the need for chemical additives and is also a natural repellent of fleas and mites 
  • ECOLOGICALLY SOUND... our organic litter is a recycled material that helps reduce landfill disposal of mill waste and the strip-mining of clay litter

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