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Powerspot SmartShield

  • $2099

If you prefer the use of topicals, Zodiac® Powerspot® With Smart Shield® Flea & Tick Control For Dogs Over/Under 14 Kg (30 Lbs) will offer an effective and economical alternative. This product is designed to be used once a month and includes a Smart Shield® Applicator for easy and direct application to your pet's skin.

  • Contains a powerful, effective insecticide which kills adult fleas & ticks on contact
  • Also kills Blacklegged Ticks (Deer Ticks) which may carry the organism that carries Lyme disease
  • Kills flea eggs laid on your pet for 4 weeks
  • Effective, easy to use and economical
  • Spreads over complete body through natural motion of animal
  • Includes Smart Shield® Applicator
    • Easy to use
    • Tip parts hair for direct application to pet's skin
    • Helps keep liquid off hands and will not drip after opening


Cats that actively groom or engage in close physical contact with recently treated dogs may be at risk of harm.


  • 3 Cartridges × 1 mL Each (under 14 kg)
  • 3 Cartridges × 2 mL Each (over 14 kg)

Active Ingredients: Permethrin 45%/(S)-Methoprene 2.9%

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