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Jason Galaxy - Comfy Clamshell Bed - Medium

  • $4299

Jackson Galaxy's Comfy Clamshell is the perfect resting space for cats who like to curl up and stretch out during sleep. This versatile bed features an adjustable drawstring that allows you to tighten up the bed into a clamshell position, or release it into a large comfy mat. Soft plush inside with a durable polyester outside. A built-in pocket allows you to secure and protect the drawstring. Sinch in colder weather or for added comfort and security or lay flat in warmer weather or for more room for your cat to lounge. Give your cat their own space with the Comfy Clamshell Cat Bed.


- Lays out flat or bunches up into a clamshell position

- Soft plush fabric covers entire sleep surface

- Great for cats that like to knead

- Reversible


90 L x 90 W x 10 H cm

35.4 L x 35.4 W x 3.9 H in

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