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Healthy K9 Original Veal Dog Chew 5 X 5"

Healthy K9 Original Veal Dog Chew 5 X 5"

  • $1399

The veal chews are ideal for puppies, older dogs and lazy chewers. They not only help to revert your puppies mind from chewing things they are not allowed to, but also provides counter pressure on the gums, relieving them of natural teething pains, promotes strong and healthy tooth development, and gives their teeth a gentle cleaning. The veal chew provides your older dog with a tender treat that is gentle on their teeth and gums, as well as giving lazy chewers a quick resulting chew. Our new re-sealable bags make these tasty tender chews convenient to bring with you anywhere to occupy your dog’s mind in impatient situations.


We also offer THIN Veal 5″ – this is ideal for any puppy or toy breeds with a tiny mouth.

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