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<b>Nature's Miracle</b><br>Light Weight Clumping Litter<br>10lb - 4.5kg

Nature's Miracle

Nature's Miracle
Light Weight Clumping Litter
10lb - 4.5kg

  • $1999

Light Weight Clumping Litter

Nature's Miracle® Lightweight Clumping Litter provides superior odor control at almost half the weight of traditional clay litters. The 99% dust-free formula clumps quickly and is super adsorbent to lock in moisture instantly.

Lightweight Formula

Clumps like traditional clay, at almost half the weight

Easy lift, carry and pour bag

Superior Odor Control

Fights ammonia and feces odors

Keeps litter box odors in check

Up to 2x the odor control over traditional clay litters

Instant Clumping Formula

Quick clumping formula makes cleanup easy

Super absorbent to lock in moisture

Safe for Pets and Home (when used as directed)

99% Dust Free

100% Clay

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