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Veal Pizzel

  • $299

Gourmet-inspired, all-natural meat treats that will leave your dog wanting more. Boucherie is a diverse line of exciting and nutritious treats and chews in a variety of proteins, shapes, and textures. There’s a treat to suit any dietary need. Our treats are made with minimal ingredients, and never contain any additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients and colors.

Each treat is made with the highest quality ingredients sourced only from USDA or CFIA certified facilities and made in a human-grade manufacturing facility. Food safety is important to us and we’re proud to provide a line of healthy and satisfying treats to your furry loved ones.


Some of our delectable meat treats double as an effective dental chew. They have great textures that help to keep teeth clean and prevent tartar build up as dogs chew.

Boucherie treats are dehydrated and naturally wood smoked to lengthen shelf life. This enhances their rich meaty flavour and creates long-lasting chews.

Some of our treats contain ingredients such as Pig Ears or Pork Trachea, which are rich in chondroitin and glucosamine. These substances helps maintain optimal joint health. A variety of Boucherie treats also contain vegetables like beets or sweet potato adding extra vitamins, nutrition, and flavor.

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